Switching Back to iOS

After my year-long tryst with Android (and the Nexus 5), I'm moving back to iOS for my mobile phone. I never gave up iOS for my iPads and miss the unity. Android has some amazing features (especially with Control Group's love of Google Drive) and I've loved becoming more intimate with the OS as a daily user.

I just can't get inspired to write Android code for my side projects. Nothing grabs me like Xcode and Objective-C (and now, Swift). I have a real, irrational emotional attachment to Apple when it comes to developing software. If I were to retire today, I'd likely spend all my time writing software for the Mac and iOS. Android doesn't have the same hold on me.

I'm hoping iPhone 6 is larger, but will switch back as soon as I find a good deal on a non-stolen iPhone 5s for T-Mobile.